My Stint at the Flower Shop

As some of you may know, for a few months now, I’ve been working part-time at a local flower shop called A Date With Iris. It’s a great little shop that I’ve admired for sometime now. They have quietly been being quirky, creative, and ahead of the trends for the past decade. I’ve always had an interest in learning more about floral design because I love the beauty of flowers so much, and it’s just like learning another art form for me. I was delighted when I saw a Facebook post for the rare chance to work for this small local business. I hesitated for a second because I was almost 6 months pregnant, then I thought, “What the heck! All they can do is not hire me.” Well lo’ and behold, I got hired. It was approaching their busy season of Valentine’s, weddings, Easter, and of course Mother’s Day, so I jumped right in.

Almost 4 months later, this week is my last week (for now). I thought I’d share the ins and outs of my time at A Date With Iris.


I’ve gradually learned the art of floral arranging. I’m still extremely ‘green’ but I’ve learned the basic techniques. I’d say I’m half way decent at vase arranging and making progress on hand wraps (arranging in your hand while doing all the work with your other hand…awkward!). That’s about where my knowledge stops. Floral arranging can be surprisingly technical…bridal bouquets, casket sprays, wreaths, etc, etc. Here’s a few of my earlier examples…I forget to document my arrangements because they are out the door so quickly!


A Date With Iris

Another thing that amazes me is the flower knowledge these ladies have! I literally meet a new flower every time I work! The list of fabulous flowers goes on and on…ranunculus, anemones, fritillaria, clematis, lupine, pincushions, billy balls! Love them all.

A Date With Iris1

A Date With Iris2

What makes this shop so cool is unique arrangements topped off with really eclectic merchandise and displays. I love the natural items from rocks to bird’s nests to butterflies. The seasonal products are always really fun. We have a ton of vintage, kitsch Easter items that people seem very endeared by. Also, they’ve got lovely cards and paper products to accompany any flower occasion. The shop kind of has a ‘cabinet of curiosities’ feel, which I love because it feels like there is much to discover.

A Date With Iris3

A Date With Iris4

A Date With Iris5

It has been a pleasure to learn and grow. I’m so glad that I at least attempted to learn floral design and hope my experiences and knowledge will only continue to grow. For now, I’m just gonna go play in my garden and keep trying my hand at this lovely art form.

A Date With Iris6

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Tour: Vera’s Nursery

It’s finally feeling complete enough that I’m happy to show you Vera’s nursery! It’s ballet pink, flowery, and gilded…all things girly! I think she’s gonna love it, and if not, it’s okay because I’m probably the one that will be appreciating it day in and day out. Let me give you the guided tour…

Do you remember the mood board?

Vera's Nursery

This is the view from her bedroom door…it’s hard to get the whole room in the picture because there is a tiny 3 foot hallway leading into her space. This was my best attempt. So you’ve got the basics…a crib, a changing table, a rocker, and (just out of view) a dresser.

Vera's Nursery1

I tried to stay gender neutral with the furniture pieces so her sibling(s) can enjoy them too one day! I opted for a traditional, natural-finish Jenny Lind crib. It was important to me for my crib to have a non-toxic finish and be hardwood as opposed to veneer or something. For her bedding, I got some fun, mix-and-match sheets custom made on Etsy. So, if I switch out the sheet it can have a totally different look…I’ve got this coral one, a gold one, and a couple gray ones. The crib skirt is from Restoration Hardware. The Air Flow bumpers were a random find at TJ Maxx. The afghan is a stroller blanket from Pottery Barn.

Vera's Nursery2

To break down the details as best I can, I love all the sweet moments around her room! First up, we’ve got her cute “Vera Elizabeth” banner. These are super cool because you can spell out anything you want with them. Then the floral sketches are done by Kari Herer…I’ve been obsessed with her work for ages now! Her sweet little mobile is from Babies R’ Us. I wasn’t planning on getting one but when I saw this I thought it was darling. On her shelf, many of the items were gifted to me or found at thrift stores. The fox (from Anthro) was dressed up a little bit to make it less scary! The same goes for her stuffed animals, pillow, birdcage, and bulletin boards…gifted and thrifted!

Vera's Nursery3

Moving on to her changing area…I looked long and hard for the perfect binning. I was registered for some at Land of Nod but unfortunately they were on backorder til after her due date. Eventually, I found these at Target on the Kid’s aisle…don’t know why I didn’t look there in the first place! Goodness. Same thing happened with my pouf at Anthro but luckily my mom found an identical one on Overstock, so I could have the pouf of my dreams!!

Vera's Nursery4

I have a feeling I’m gonna be spending a lot of my time in this cozy corner. We decked out my chair with a handmade quilt and pillow. The lamp and lampshade are from Target. The baskets and artwork were things I already had and thought they worked perfectly here.

Vera's Nursery5

This shelving unit was a fun project because before it was this weird, neglect cubby. Now, it’s such a great showplace for all those cute baby things!

Vera's Nursery6

It’s basically brimming with books, tiny artwork, and the occasional girly thing. I’m sure this area will be ever evolving with her favorite book, her latest artwork, or her tiny accessories. Can’t wait!

Vera's Nursery7

So that’s pretty much the tour!

Of course, the kitties are ever curious about this room (especially since they technically aren’t allowed in here)! And can’t forget to have the baby stuff “hospital ready”!

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Baby Bump

This weekend we decided to snap a few maternity shots. My husband was kind enough to humor me as my cameraman. I just thought I might like to have a few legit captures of me pregnant once this is all said and done. So we just spent a lazy Saturday morning playing around our house and yard. These are the ones we were feeling proud of…






I love these outdoor shots, but I’m loving the sweetness and intimacy of the indoor shots. They seem to reflect the blissful state of growing a miraculous human : )




I told Brian during these that I hadn’t realized how big I’ve gotten! Only one more month (30 days left).



These were definitely worth taking…such special memories during this crazy, surreal time.

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